I was privileged to be a student of Renè Snyman at a 5 day art retreat It was clear from the word go that Renè was very well prepared, very knowledgeable , highly skilled and confident. I have been teaching for thirty years and assesssed teachers many a time. Renè’s classes were excellent. Her passion for art and people made it an unforgetable experience.   -Carol

Rene’s workshop was one of the most memorable events I have ever attended. She is an excellent teacher and artist and seeing her work in her own studio was and eye-opener for me. After a demo, we have the opportunity to practice the lesson. This workshop has helped me grow as an artist. The experience of working in Rene’s studio surrounded by her paintings was very inspiring. She also makes us think about what we wanted to communicate. I also enjoyed the analysis of Old Masters artists. And I thoroughly enjoyed our morning sessions and her interesting and very inspiring stories during lunch!    – Aurelia

Wat ‘n wonderlike ervaring! As ‘n beginner om te hoor wat werklik belangrik is indien jy wil verf/ teken! Dit is nie net nog ‘n werkswinkel waar jy die minimum leer en huis toe gaan met ‘n skildery wat die aanbieder opgekikker het en jy nog steeds nie weet hoe om reg te kry wat sy gedoen het nie. Beveel dit graag aan vir enige iemand wat meer wil doen met sy kuns as om net besig te bly!    -Amorien

The design, content and method of imparting your knowledge, garnered through your own actual experience, conveyed, to a great extent, the essential requirements to look at, appreciate and ‘make’ good art.
(More ‘serious’ and practicing artists would benefit from attending your course – and thereby extending the interaction)   – Charles